Thursday, March 5, 2015

Response to Falling Hawks Video

I am responding to Falling Hawks video on his Peruvian Harris Hawk hunting and got a rabbit. When you see the video you have to realize that even in the wild, these animals are on the food chain. So, when this hawk goes and gets the rabbit, you probably should remember it is only nature. You may also need to realize this is what Falconry is, and this is what this activity is made for. So, I believe that this video is amazing, even though it takes two tries to get his raptors prey. But, I have a feeling that this guy was in a secret spot, because he was right in the middle of the city in a park. Nobody else was near him, and he had multiple rabbits at once.

Peruvian Harris Hawk 
The one thing that I am disappointed with is with the Website that this video is posted to. Go ahead, click the word "Website," as I wait...Yeah, exactly it does not work. I found out that it only works if you are at home or somewhere away from Fortuna High. But, besides that I believe that it is an exceptional video. Even though it is his second try posting it, but the only difference I see in the two videos, is the quality. I think the second post of the video it looks more HD when it comes to quality. Now when it comes to his Peruvian Harris Hawk Falcon, I think it is a beautiful bird. Easily a close second, maybe almost topping the Golden Eagle. But remember that I am not a Falconer, I am just judging on appearance and video that I have found on the internet. All in all, I think it is an amazing video and I want to see more from his channel in the future, if you want to check out his channel please click on his website, at the top of the screen.

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