Thursday, March 5, 2015

Book review

  The Summer of the Falcon,
                          In this book there is a little bit of everything, from good old fashioned family time,to a huge plot twist. For people that love the outdoors, and people that love a little bit of drama, I highly recommend this book. During June in the Summer, Pritchard 13 year old life, she was given a Sparrow Hawk from her family. Which are bigger than the what you think, If you want to see them click here, She was given this bird, almost like if a parent was to give you a animal to learn about. To learn how to take care of another life, and she was really good at it. For the next three summers her and her hawk Zander grow up and develop, She teaches her hawk to hunt insects for food. But she comes to realize that she is given more responsibilities as she is growing up. She then finds out about herself that she wants freedom for her and her Falcon more than anything, but she then realizes that freedom without self discipline means almost nothing. Even though the book was published in 1979 I still believe that it is a good book, usually I am the type of person that is all about the new, but I am a huge fan of this book. It is also perfect for the time, because back in the late 60-70's it was a popular demand to catch a wild winged-predator and keep it as a pet. But, at the same time I am happy movie makers aren't doing anything to this book. For example, you'll see movie makers make movies out of old books. But in today's society I don't this another movie or book of this nature would not be a good fit. To be fully honest, it was very hard to stay hooked on this book at sometimes. It was just a challenge to find a book about Falconry. In a final say about the book, I think it is a one of a kind book, that will probably never have any competition. So, for a rating out of 10, I would have to give a solid 6.5. Could be a lot worse, but then again it has a slight chance to be better.

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