Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blog Review

I am reviewing Ab Wilkinson's' blog about Falconry, it is titled "Of Wings and Talons," and can be viewed at All in all, I believe that this is an amazing blog, because it is about his own Falconry adventures. Even thought it only has three blog post, it is still an amazing blog, due to the fact that one blog post is about that whole Falconry season. I also like this blog because of the variety of pictures that are on it, and they are not just pictures of his hawk either, which is named Rebel by the way. He has pictures of his family, also hunting with their raptors. But sadly, I don't think this guy does Falconry anymore, there has not been a post from this blog since 2012. And to further the cause, his last post was about releasing Rebel into the wild. It is actually a good and interesting read, he might over exaggerate a lot. Honestly, I think it was a good thing that he did. You can obviously tell that he was not dedicated fully to his hawk. This cannot be taken as just a hobby, Falconry is a full-fledged lifestyle, and even at the top of his page he has a quote by, T.H. White. The quote is, "Falconry is not a hobby or an amusement: it is a rage. You eat and drink it, sleep it and think it. You tremble to write of it, even in recollection. It is, as King James the First remarked, an extreme stirrer of passions." Now I know that I could keep going on and on about how this guy wasn't dedicated. But I could tell that he was very intrigued by this lifestyle, he just couldn't care for Rebel 24/7. But besides that I thought it was a really good blog.... Back in the day.

Rebel, in the middle of a hunt

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