Monday, February 23, 2015

How to... Acquire a Bird for Falconry

The main question that is asked by rookie falconers, or Apprentice is how to get a raptor for Falconry. Well I am here to answer that question, first you must know that if you want to do competition Falconry you must have a certain species of bird. If you want a Broad wings: Golden Eagles, Buzzards , or Harris Hawk. Long wings: Peregrine Falcons, Lanner Falcon and the Gyrfalcon.Or Short Wings: Accipiters (goshawks). So if you want to be in Competitive Falconry click on one of those links and you can start doing research on your topic. But, while you are an apprentice (or rookie falconers) can only have one bird, and they are usually Red-Tail or Kestrel birds. If you just want to catch a falcon and not get the usual two birds that apprentice's usually get. You do what people do for any other wild animal, and that is trapping. If you want to see what type of traps work click here. Even though it may not seem right, you need to keep in mind that many Falconers do not see there Falcons as pets, but as wild-animals, just as the exception that they are indeed trained. Back to the trapping, if you are trying to catch a Falcon it is a smart idea to wear gloves, and have a towel to wrap the bird in, and a hood for the bird. It is also a good idea to bring binoculars so you can spot the bird you are spotting to trap. Obviously you need to bring bait. All raptors like meat, they are all basically carnivores, so getting raw meat from just the general store in your neighborhood should do the trick, just keep in mind you may catch more than one bird, so you might need more help when you go back to check your traps. 



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