Monday, February 23, 2015

How to... Acquire a Bird for Falconry

The main question that is asked by rookie falconers, or Apprentice is how to get a raptor for Falconry. Well I am here to answer that question, first you must know that if you want to do competition Falconry you must have a certain species of bird. If you want a Broad wings: Golden Eagles, Buzzards , or Harris Hawk. Long wings: Peregrine Falcons, Lanner Falcon and the Gyrfalcon.Or Short Wings: Accipiters (goshawks). So if you want to be in Competitive Falconry click on one of those links and you can start doing research on your topic. But, while you are an apprentice (or rookie falconers) can only have one bird, and they are usually Red-Tail or Kestrel birds. If you just want to catch a falcon and not get the usual two birds that apprentice's usually get. You do what people do for any other wild animal, and that is trapping. If you want to see what type of traps work click here. Even though it may not seem right, you need to keep in mind that many Falconers do not see there Falcons as pets, but as wild-animals, just as the exception that they are indeed trained. Back to the trapping, if you are trying to catch a Falcon it is a smart idea to wear gloves, and have a towel to wrap the bird in, and a hood for the bird. It is also a good idea to bring binoculars so you can spot the bird you are spotting to trap. Obviously you need to bring bait. All raptors like meat, they are all basically carnivores, so getting raw meat from just the general store in your neighborhood should do the trick, just keep in mind you may catch more than one bird, so you might need more help when you go back to check your traps. 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Non-Competitive Falconry

       In the Persian-Gulf there are Non-Competitive events being held. It is the 6th ever Qatar International Falcons and Hunting Festival at Sabkhet Marmi. Many events are scheduled for this free admission event. It starts on the 1st of January, all the way through January 31st. But due to much rainfall, the festival is now going to go through February 2. Some events showcase the speed of the raptor and others showcase the endurance of them, but of course the bird is disqualified if it does not return to its owner. Even though it is headlined with a NON-competitive event you have to know there is at least a little competition for first place. But of course you don't just get bragging rights, the top 5 place winners drive away with a brand new car. The Habari or Hourbara bastard is not Falconry it has been linked with the heritage of Falconry.
The Golden Eagle
  Of course the people of the Persian-Gulf don't have the Golden Eagle, due to the fact it is also called the North American eagle. But it is a super good picture and I wanted to put it in. But mostly the birds used in this competition were Habari birds, which are known for their speed. If you want to see Habari birds click on this link But for the Falconers that did not use Habari birds they used many different types of eagles and hawks. 
  In my opinion, I think it is a very good thing that people are still doing Falconry events, even though it is not a huge headlined event. I think it would be an amazing event to go to, but if it was me I would want to be in a much closer place than to be in the Persian-Gulf.Because i am that type of person that gets home sick is very easy. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Good Samaritan

    When you think of Falconry, you think of someone sending a bird off, and calling the bird back. But, when you get a random phone call from someone you have no clue from, and they said they have a hawk that is in danger. The hawk was attacked by a dog, while feeding on a pigeon. Of course, you want to help, but Isaac did more than just that. He took in the bird and fixed it up. But Isaac an obviously serious falconer helped in a huge way. He could of just said No, he was too busy. But he did more he went out of his way to help save a bird by giving it food, fixing broken wings and helping it move easy since it also broke a talon. Isaac the falconer that saved the bird then sent it to a rehab center to get better care.

The hawk that was attacked by the dog.

    I think what Isaac did was just incredible a working man that also had time to save this bird is just remarkable. To do one thing by picking it up, he also cared for it for a couple days. Then deciding to give it even more care is just an amazing thing. The bird suffered many injuries, but I am extremely sure that it is now in perfect hands and if it is now used in the art if Falconry it is making a lucky person extremely happy. In my opinion, I think he is a very good person and Human Being. He has to be a good person in everyday life, because many people I know would not do anything like that. The post for this blog was posted three years ago, but if you still want to read his blog click here at