Friday, January 23, 2015

Falconry is an Art

     Many people think that falconry is a sport, but in reality it is an art. Even I thought it was a sport, but in my research I have found out that it is indeed an art. Now it is definitely a huge pet-peeve for me when people say it is just a sport. When I first started this Blog even I said that it was a sport, but it is not. With all the time and motivation it takes, you cant have ANY off days. You have to always feed your bird every day, but not just any regular bird food. You have to feed your carnivore bird roughage (or Dietary Fiber), such as fur, so the bird can digest properly. Most birds have to have fur or feathers in their system. Most American falconers use Finches and Pigeons, mostly small. It is especially important in a diet is to give the bird a variety of meat, including: small animals and rodents to insects.
      But away from just a healthy diet, there is much more stuff you have to do. It is not for everyone, it is not a suitable pastime for children. A beginner must learn so much more than just how to care for the bird, But to also learn about the various gaming birds, their stages of life, characteristics, prey, and most of all care of the animal. I don't believe it is a sport because in Professional sports you do not have to study and do a huge quantity of preparation EVERY day, and you especially don't have to  worry what your teammate (or pet bird) is eating.Even though I say it is an art, people may think of paintings or music, but art is changing everyday and that is what Falconry more than just a sport or a different way to hunt it is more than just that.

Friday, January 16, 2015

How to get started in Falconry

Many people have questions about Falconry. "How is it played", "Is it even a sport", "Where can I even get a Falcon?"  Well I am here to answer the main one, "How do I get started." First off, obviously you need to know how to get started. First you would have to see if Falconry is even legal in your state. Sorry, but if you live in Hawaii, Delaware, or Connecticut you cannot even participate in the sport. Before you even start to sign up, you will need to think to yourself, are you even ready to take all this time, and dedication to care for this type of life style. Then go to one of the many websites they have on the internet, on mostly any site you pick, after you sign up, the site will send you a lot of material to study (It will probably say that it is from your state), and study that information. Once all of that happens you need to find a Falconer, call or Email one, and see how he works with his normal life schedule, and with his bird, and if possible see if you can go hunting with him. After that, you will need a sponsor; new Falconers (or Apprentices) are required to have a sponsor for at least two years of their careers. Then after all this is done, you must have a written examination to acquire your, legal documents.

The examination will have of questions designed to test your knowledge of birds of prey, raptor biology, health care of the birds, laws and more. You must pass with an 80% or better. After you passed you need to make a suitable living space for your bird, and meet the legal requirements. Make sure you have all food and items needed. Then submit your applications to a proper wildlife official, to make sure everything is properly in order. The before receiving your bird make sure to get all permits, licenses, and other documents, you must have these before you get your bird. Remember that you will have to constantly care for your new bird; you will have to care for it 365 days of the year. A quote was said by Ted Benzon, the administrator for the falconry program for South Dakota's Game Fish & Parks Department saying, "Falconry is not a hobby; it is a lifestyle."

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why I am Interested in Falconry

I am excited to learn about Falconry, not only the history of Falconry, but how the sport is played. I am interested in this sport because I usually joke around about the sport, because well, I never thought it was a real sport. But, I want to give the sport a chance since I truly want to learn about the sport. The reason I want to learn about this sport is because, there is actually a new car commercial for Ford, and a guy pulls a Falcon out of a box, and released it into the wild. That got me thinking, how cool would it be to have a pet Falcon, and why not be able to show it off. Interestingly that is what got me thinking, what if people that play in Falconry are just showing of there; Eagles, Buzzards, Owls and of course, Falcons to the public. I know for a fact, if I had a bird used for Falconry I would definitely be showing it off to friends and other people. Teaching them not only the history of the sport. But, besides just the sport, there are people around Vegas with snakes and other crazy amphibians, why not have a hawk or eagle on your hand that is on top of that food chain. Even though it would probably be a lot of stress on the bird. I definitely wouldn't bring the bird to a huge city, but I would show it off to my friends. Even though I am talking about Falconry I do not know much about it, I wish I did. But all I know about it is that it is not so much a competition sport, but more of an art. You have to devote months if not years to it, and of course a whole lot of training, you have to teach an apex predator to go and hunt which it use to do when it was wild. Then come back to you and come back to captivity, and not fly away.